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型號 Professional A-95

Key: E flat.

Range: High F sharp

Neck pipe: Nickel Silver

Main Body: Nickel Silver

Bow&Bell: Nickel Silver

Weight: 2.5 kgs

Finish: Gold Lacquer 【GL】


Hand customized neck

Adjustable front F key

Metal thumb hook & rest

Italian metal pads from L.Pisoni
Italian wooden cork from L.Pisoni

One key column long seat

Blue steel springs

Seat of one left hand side key

Adjustable screws

Power forged keys

Hand Hammered Bell

Tri-point balanced bell brace

High F# key

Low C# Relief Spring

Double arms on Low C & B key

Pearl Key buttons

Detachable Bell and Bow.

Power bell

Leather strap

Luxurious hand-engrave

3M RITE-LOK series metal glue

Leather hand case

Finishes Available

  • 【N】  Body/Keys No Lacquer。
  • 【GL】Body/keys Gold Lacquer。